7 Brand Management Questions Spiked by Super Bowl LI Ads

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Posted on July 12, 2017

7 Brand Management Questions Spiked by Super Bowl LI Ads


Regardless of who is on the field, every Super Bowl viewer develops an opinion about the commercials run during the game. We’re sure you’ve heard quite a few opinions already, so we’re taking a little bit different angle. What if we looked at Super Bowl LI and posed some important questions about brand management, advertising, and marketing as it might relate to your business?

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When we stopped to think about and discuss the ads, our initial conversation evolved to something we could share to help you. We talked about what worked and what didn’t; we talked about what was enjoyable and what wasn’t; and we looked at overall themes, too. Those themes can be applied on a number of levels and a variety of businesses, so here are the resulting questions that may be important for your business to consider.

1. Is eCommerce Advertising a Bad Fit in Some Situations?

Advertising for eCommerce isn’t really a truly new concept, but branding still appears to be the clearest objective for most Super Bowl advertisers. This kind of brand management often falls short of demonstrating staying power with viewers, but with such a vast audience, it is hard to pass up.

This concept may be widely embraced by big brands, but we don’t recommend it for small businesses and those who would like to see evidence of performance. 

When it comes to the absence of eCommerce ads during the Super Bowl, the following questions come to mind: Was it simply too expensive? Is the ROI too questionable? Do eCommerce businesses just get beat out by other types of businesses?

Unless we missed something, it seems Weathertech and Nintendo were the only companies overtly plugging their website. You might also count Mobile Strike or World of Tanks (ads here and here), but they are free downloads that monetize using ad placement.

While Amazon’s connection to eCommerce was implied, Nintendo’s ad is particularly noteworthy as they put their website in the final few seconds of the ad and have enhanced their YouTube ad with buttons to pre-order online. Watch the ad (and listen to the catchy new song by Imagine Dragons) here: