Get Pay Per Click Marketing Help, Save $112,000?


Get Pay Per Click Marketing Help, Save $112,000?

Although pay per click ad performance can be dependent on several connected aspects of a business' digital media presence, there are few better ways to get immediate clicks to your website. If you have the right pay per click marketing help, you can see great return-on-investment. However, if you are just winging it or working with the wrong partner, it can get quite expensive. Few have publicly demonstrated this better than José Javier, a 12-year-old musician from Spain.

Javier's Story

In short, there is nothing wrong with wanting to promote your business (or your band or your brand) with AdWords (or Bing). We simply recommend a mechanism for bringing money in to pay for it. Usually, this is in the form of transactions or other revenue-generating conversions. Unfortunately, José was a little confused about his Google products.

"José Javier, who is a trumpet player in a band called Los Salerosos, was hit with a €100,000 ($112,000) bill from Google after he signed up for AdWords instead of AdSense, according to Spain's El Pais.

Javier apparently signed up for AdWords, thinking he would make money when people clicked on his advertisement. However, the service actually charges the account holder every time someone clicks on their advertisement." (NBC News)

Call it a hunch, but we're betting that the young man was not even AdWords certified.

As a deeper look into his situation revealed, he actually wanted to use the Google AdSense program, a separate (revenue-generating) program from AdWords. He somehow set up pay per click marketing in AdWords, resulting in quite a large bill.

Naturally, we're wondering what keywords he bid on, how many clicks he got, and what his click-through-rate was. Hypothetically, if he had the correct website and calls-to-action, would he have a future providing pay per click marketing help to others? In any case, we digress.

Pay Per Click Marketing Help is Best with Google Certified PartnersFor your business, be sure you are working with AdWords marketers who are properly trained and have the right credentials to work effectively on your account. Without that, you could be worse off than Javier. We have seen it first-hand, especially as revenues fail to replenish the business. Such an unwatched expense can really cost you. It can also sour your opinion on what should be a great tool for your business.

Lucky for Javier, Google actually canceled his bill. Don't count on this for your business though, especially if you pre-pay. Many have learned the hard way that getting a refund from Google is incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

What Pay Per Click Marketing Help Do You Need?

To find the answer to this question, take a look at your understanding of the concept, platforms, and your goals. Just remember: Bevelwise can help!

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