Budget Adwords Wisely by Using Google Analytics


Budget Adwords Wisely by Using Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to optimize your Adwords Pay-Per-Click spending by monitoring your conversion rate, bounce rate, and ROI.

First, link your Adwords to Analytics. Tip, do it from your login account (same admin on both), not a My-Client-Account MCC. Make sure your "cost data" is applied to the correct adwords account number.

Once your accounts are linked, apply conversion tracking/goals. Do this even if you don't have e-commerce. A goal could be a sign-up, contact request, newsletter request, purchase, key page view, etc.

Now, login to Analytics and analyze you data! Find your adwords data by going to Traffic Sources --> Adwords.

  • Check the bounce rate. Ideally, a lower percentage is better...especially because you are paying for these keywords. Bounce rate is a visit with only one page view on your site, then they "bounce off" aka leaves your site. If the bounce rate is high, the landing page may be wrong.
  • Check average time on site. Usually longer time is better. You may want to improve the look of landing pages with low time on site because it may mean that the searcher immediately doesn't like what they see. Or maybe they can't easily navigate around your site.
  • Find out what time of day you are getting highest amount of conversions. This can help enable "Day parting" if you would like to lower your budget (or increase impressions for times when people are more likely to buy.

Expand on keywords with high conversion rates. Bid aggressively on keywords that are giving you a good return-on-investment (ROI). Ditch the keywords that aren't converting!

Please contact Bevelwise if you need someone to manage or straighten out all of this data!