New AdWords Redesign 2016

March 30, 2016
A Change in PPC Advertising is Coming to Adwords After years of having a consistent design, AdWords is now working on a fresh facade. Much has changed in recent years and Google is preparing to step
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Who Can I Trust With Our Web Strategy?

March 04, 2016
So if you are involved in web strategy or managing SEO, SEM, PPC, Social, etc. for your company or in the industry, you probably get a lot of opinions on rights, wrongs, best practices, and trends.
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Facebook Reactions are Causing Some Mixed Reactions

February 26, 2016
Facebook has officially expanded upon its 'Like' option for its users with the new 'Reactions' feature. Rolled out in Ireland and Spain a few months ago, Facebook Reactions allows users to exclaim
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Google Popular Times Means Better Planning?

September 30, 2015
Do you, at all costs, avoid long lines, cramped gyms, or insufficient table room at a local food spot? Well now, a simple Google search can help you plan your visits.
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Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

January 31, 2014
In digital marketing terms, the year 2013 will go down as the year that marketing. With the emergence of new technologies, the steady surge of social media platforms and
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How to Future Proof Your Website or Blog Today

February 07, 2013
Ever since Google+ launched, I've sensed some dark undertones and ulterior motives at play. Not to say Google is going against their "Don't be evil" motto, but there were definitely bigger things in
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Local Search and the Multi-Platform Approach

May 07, 2010
I was just reading this article from Search Engine Land about the topic above. While their "case study" method left a bit to be desired (why would you ever go from your own Facebook page to the
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Twitter to be Indexed on Google and Bing

January 18, 2010
Both Google and Bing (with Yahoo SERP going to be powered by Bing they will really be one in the same) plan to begin indexing Twitter tweets in 2010. That will allow them to show the the tweets
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Success in Local Business SEO

November 19, 2009
1.Non-Business Name Searches: It's great if people searching the internet are discovering your website without typing in the name of your business. Probably most of these visitors were previously
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Google Jumping Out of the Internet & Into Your Hardware

November 13, 2009
Google's take over of your internet connected devices is now becoming more clear. The are taking a multi-pronged approach targeting mobile, netbooks, tablets, laptops and PC's.
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