Get Pay Per Click Marketing Help, Save $112,000?

October 27, 2016
Although pay per click ad performance can be dependent on several connected aspects of a business' digital media presence, there are few better ways to get immediate clicks to your website. If you
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Adios, To Google Sidebar Ads

March 07, 2016
In late February of 2106, Google eliminated ads displayed on the sidebar. This major update brings the number of positions for rank for in AdWords from 12 to only 7 positions total. With the
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Creative Advertising: Ranking Super Bowl 50's Best Commercials

February 02, 2016
What emotions are evoked by your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Do your favorites "hit you right in the feelz?" Do they instill a strong sense of imagination or wonder? Or are they just straight-up
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5 Steps to a Successful PPC Campaign in AdWords

January 22, 2016
From first glance, running a successful pay per click (PPC) campaign seems like it would be an easy thing to do. Then the running of the campaign begins, and we find the exact opposite. Depending on
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4 First Steps to Begin Instagram Advertising

November 24, 2015
Putting your business on Instagram can bring some real challenges and potential pitfalls, but advertising your business on Instagram may provide some excellent return on investment. With a connected
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When it comes to PPC, Shake Your Customer's Hand With a Landing Page

November 18, 2015
In an age where the internet is relentlessly competing for a consumer's attention, a clear call-to-action and strategic measurement of how users are responding to those calls is critical.
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Get Facebook Advertising Structured for Results

February 05, 2015
Without a doubt, Facebook advertising is highly recommended because it has become a very fruitful endeavor for businesses worldwide. And since there is some variance between Facebook advertising and
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5 Takeaways From the 2015 Facebook Policy Changes

December 30, 2014
Another day, another set of Facebook policy changes it seems as the social media giant seeks to increase its ability to monetize. Many changes may be mundane, but some of the changes are a
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Internet Marketing Update: Google Adwords

November 21, 2014
Recently, Google made several updates to help improve the quality of features and ads run through Google Adwords and they are manifesting in four key areas: conversions, callout extensions, surveys
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Adwords Express Is a Cookie Cutter That Doesn't Cut It

October 17, 2014
As a platform based on the idea of not having to manage it, Adwords Express sounds like a great idea until you get undesirable results. As with so many recent automated systems for online media
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