Who Can I Trust With Our Web Strategy?

March 04, 2016
So if you are involved in web strategy or managing SEO, SEM, PPC, Social, etc. for your company or in the industry, you probably get a lot of opinions on rights, wrongs, best practices, and trends.
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From a Web Developer: 2016's Web Design Trends

January 19, 2016
Web design in 2015 was quite similar to that of 2014. The "Hamburger menu" sat in the upper-corner of numerous websites, designs stayed minimal, and typography replaced boring text. So, what's in
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eCommerce Best Practices - Series Part 1

November 11, 2015
Every developer it seems has an opinion on what platform to use for eCommerce. We are going to spend a few of these posts on what should happen for eCommerce best practices, regardless of platform.
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A Not-So-Scary Way to Fix Website Display Problems

October 29, 2015
Like random zombies ready to pop up at any moment in The Walking Dead, many old versions of Internet Explorer are lurking out there and still causing confusion and panic at the worst times. However,
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How to Fix a Googlebot Access Issue With CSS and JS Files

September 02, 2015
If you have a Webmaster Tools account, there is a good chance you've recently received this warning about a "Googlebot Access Issue."
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Don't Get Dinged By Google, Get Mobile Responsive Design

April 03, 2015
At Bevelwise, we constantly have our ears to the ground for the next new developments in our industry. So when we heard about a BIG new need for mobile responsive design, we knew it was going to have
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Website Innovation *Taken* by Bad Hosting

January 08, 2015
Some agencies build, design, and / or maintain websites for a living while others build, design, and / or maintain websites for their clients. The difference is critical because, with the wrong
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Website Development That Protects You

December 02, 2014
The need for new features and revisions on a website is unavoidable, but you don't have to get caught in the middle of a change, especially when that change temporarily hinders website performance
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Faster Website Loading Can Be Yours

November 14, 2014
Websites, and the coding that makes them, are growing more complex by the day. The web is capable of some pretty incredible things now, more so than it was even a just year ago. As such, with all of
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Responsive Design Makes the Internet Less like Time-Travel

March 31, 2014
Here at Bevelwise we advocate a Responsive layout due to many reasons. How often in the past have you caught yourself surfing on your mobile phone and you come across a site that could care less that
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