Making Social Media More Valuable for Your Business

Posted on July 27, 2012 by Jim Barry

Making Social Media More Valuable for Your Business

So you have dabbled in this. You get some people to follow you. How do you know if it is worth your time and really, what can you do to maximize what kind of web traffic you get from these mediums?

What if you changed your website experience based on how the visitor found you? The data is there to do this, you just need to interpret it and adjust accordingly. Set up correctly, you would be able to profile how your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube/Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest, and Blog readers all use your site and based on looking at your traffic's referring source. You can then change the experience, path, content, etc that they have to maximize your conversions and exposure by utilizing what that data tells you.

Social Media 2.0 & Web 3.0

This is Social Media 2.0. This is web 3.0. Create a unique experience for every web visitor based on how they got to your site. Combine the social media elements listed above with Search Engine and Content related marketing - you have groups of keywords within a segment to promote something - based on keyword you could adjust what they see and the content they would get - changing their "path". If they were from Organic search results - same thing - we all know that paid traffic typically differs 25-35% in what they do versus unpaid traffic - create specific content based on those patterns.

Every person, every way, every avenue and it allows them to use the web the way they want while still allowing you to reach them. Will every person do the exact same thing that visits from Facebook - no, but if you study the analytics, traffic patterns , implement goals, and adjust based on history - over time you will be able to predict relatively accurately what 70% of them do and improve their experience with your Brand and site.

5 Things About Using Social

You also need to realize the following things about social media:Social Networking by Device

1. It might not work for you - not everyone gets the value they need out of it for the investment they make. Just make sure you give it a good try and analyze before making any decisions.

2. People access from Mobile devices most often - so everything should be mobile optimized and easy to consume - especially if you have a global reach.

3. The bulk of social media time is spent on Facebook, - with newcomer Pinterest climbing rapidly. It should be treated as the dominate force it is for any consumer related marketing efforts. B2B marketing should have more of a mix - but the referring traffic reports and analysis will tell you what you need to know and where to best spend your time.

4. Social is used while we are doing something else - especially watching TV. Active Internet users spend around 20% on average of their time on social networking sites. With an average time of 33 or so hours per month online, that translates into almost 7 hours dedicated to social network activities.

Top Sites While Watching TV

5. People love video. They will watch before they read anything. You need to capitialize on that. The graphic shows they will even watch YouTube while watching TV. Video is here to stay and needed. It gets clicked on more than anything else in search engine results pages and on websites. This should be a consideration for anyone serious about social media and online presence.

We hope this will help guide you in your efforts to start or improve your use of social media. Please tell us if you found this helpful and if it helped shape your strategy for social media.